By using the St. Andrew’s website or any affiliated web services including and not limited to email services or, where applicable, official affiliated social media sites (“web resources”), you register your agreement to these terms. These terms may change at any time with any or no notice for any or no specified reason. With immediate effect the updated terms shall apply. If at any point you do not agree with these terms or do not agree to updated terms, you must immediately cease the use of St. Andrew’s web resources.

Last updated: 16th February 2017.


St. Andrew’s Church aims for full compliance with the Data Protection Act. The data protection officer is Graham Gee.

By using this website, you agree to the use of cookies by St. Andrew’s and third parties.

St. Andrew’s will not share identifiable user data with third parties, although to ensure security some third party apps may collect data about immediate access to the web page. Third party apps will be able to collect aggregated data, for instance to provide statistics on website usage.

User-submitted content

By submitting content through St. Andrew’s web resources, including for publication, you confirm that:

  1. You have the correct permissions and have complied with international and national copyright law.
  2. It is not libellous or otherwise illegal or inappropriate for general audiences.
  3. You transfer the rights of all content, royalty-free, to the ownership of St. Andrew’s PCC.

Copyright Requests

If you wish to reuse content from these websites please contact the PCC for permission.

If you believe that content to which you have property rights has been used without the correct permissions, please email copyright [at] with details of the violation and proof of ownership.

Data Protection

Website users (those with accounts or email, including through third party services) agree that their usage can be monitored by the webmaster.

Website users with access to privileged data such as user email addresses displayed in plain text format agree that they will not use this data for any but the purpose intended by the user who submitted it.

Users will not share their accounts or account details with any other party for any reason.

Violation of terms and restriction of services

St. Andrew’s makes no guarantee that these services will be available at all times for all users.

At its discretion and particularly in the case of violation of these terms, it may restrict (up to and including blocking) access on a temporary or permanent basis. There is no right to appeal of these decisions, which may be taken by automated means. If you do not agree to the use of automated decision-making by St. Andrew’s, you are not eligible to access its web services.

Interpretation of these terms

In the immediate, the webmaster will interpret these terms and apply as s/he sees fit. Ultimate discretion belongs to the PCC except in legislative matters where they will be interpreted under the laws of England and Wales.

If one aspect of these terms is waived, the rest will continue to be in effect.

Additional Terms for Contributors

Contributors to websites on the network other than those they personally administer, notably the main church website, are bound by additional terms when using and contributing to these websites:

  • All decisions, both editorial and procedural, ultimately reside with the webmaster.